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Join the Fishpond

Dubbo CYMS R.L.F.C. Membership

A personal way of connecting you with your Club

The Dubbo Community thrives on relationships and support networks. Individuals that unite with their community at more than a spectator level show a commitment to their community and to their club. A connection and partnership with Dubbo CYMS Fishpond will formally allow you to align yourself with a culture and principles that have made Dubbo CYMS the most reputable sporting club in Western NSW.

Thanks to the past success of Dubbo CYMS Fishpond and the financial support provided, the Club continues to build on its profile in country NSW. As the most successful Group XI Club in the post war era. Since the introduction of the Fishpond in 2014, the club has had great success securing First Grade premierships in 2014, 2015 and 2017.


Join the Fishpond

For 2023 we are very pleased to let you now that we have partnered with CNQR STREET X SPORT for Fishpond members to recieve an exclusive Dubbo CYMS branded CNQR Dry-fit tracksuit set.

What you get:

  1. An exclusive CNQR Dubbo CYMS tracksuit set
  2. Entry into all regular season home games
  3. Invitation to our annual Fishpond Day (fully catered event)

Most importantly your membership is a contribution that helps our great club to continue to be the best and most supported club in country NSW.

Please contact our Fishpond Coordinator for any enquiries.

Member 1


I hereby agree to the terms and conditions & constitution of the Dubbo CYMS RLFC Inc. I am willing to become a member of the club for the 2022 season & abide by all club rules/policies.

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