Dubbo CYMS RLFC Executives from 1958

Year     President Secretary Treasurer
1958 P.Ford J.Keech R.Dobson
1959 P.Ford J.Keech A..Musgrave
1960 O.Longstaff V.Lance J.McCawley
1961 O.Longstaff J.Gibbs H.Mahon
1962 O.Longstaff J.Gibbs H.Mahon
1963 J.Keech R.Carson H.Mahon
1964 A.Welsh A.Musgrave J.Quilty
1965 A.Welsh A.Musgrave J.Kelly
1966 A.Welsh A.Musgrave F.Thompson
1967 A.welsh A.McPhail F.Thompson
1968 D.O'Sullivan A.McPhail L.Johnson
1969 D.O'Sullivan A.McPhail L.Johnson
1970 D.O'Sullivan H.Carver A.Musgrave
1971 D.O'Sullivan H.Carver M.Callaghan
1972 D.O'Sullivan H.Carver M.Callaghan
1973 D.O'Sullivan S.McFadden M.Callaghan
1974 D.O'Sullivan S.McFadden C.Kelly
1975 D.O'Sullivan S.McFadden C.Kelly
1976 N.Bahr T.O'Dea P.Yeo
1977 N.Bahr T.O'Dea B.Harvey
1978 N.Bahr K.Pearson B.Harvey
1979 G.Vane L.Bourne D.Wall
1980 G.Vane L.Bourne R.Campling
1981 G.Vane L.Bourne A.Hamblin
1982 G.Vane L.Bourne A.Hamblin
1983 K.Mathews J.Walkom R.Thompson
1984 T.O'Dea B.Fardy R.Thompson
1985 B.Wilson B.Fardy R.Thompson
1986 B.Wilson R.Thompson D.Berney
1987 B.Wilson A.Hamblin D.Berney
1988 T.Fisher R.Thompson R.Thompson
1989 T.Burns J.Doran N.Laird
1990 T.Burns J.Doran R.Thompson
1991 T.Burns T.Holland Joan Kennedy
1992 T.Burns J.Doran N.Laird
1993 T.Holland P.Brown K.Emery
1994 J.Walkom T.Holland K.Emery
1995 P.Wynne T.Holland K.Emery
1996 P.Wynne D.Frazier W.Coleman
1997 T.O'Dea D.Frazier W.Coleman
1998 T.O'Dea D.Frazier W.Coleman
1999 S.Vane R.Barnes S.Peacocke
2000 S.Vane/S.Nelson R.Barnes S.Peacocke
2001 S.Nelson G.Maslen L.Dawson
2002 S.Nelson A.Gordon L.Dawson
2003 G.Maslen K.Walkom H.Walton
2004 G.Maslen K.Walkom H.Walton
2005 K.Walkom R.Ellis K.Walkom
2006 K.Walkom R.Ellis L.Carr
2007 K.Walkom R.Ellis L.Carr
2008 K.Walkom G.McIntosh K.Walkom
2009 K.Walkom G.McIntosh N.Sykes
2010 K.Walkom G.McIntosh N.Sykes

President Kevin Walkom             
Vice President Shaun Townsend             
Junior Vice Presidents Shane madden, Ted Holland & Pat Yeo             
Secretary Justin Yeo            
Assistant Secretary Greg McIntosh             
Senior Treasurer Bev Winters             
Junior Treasurer Nick Sykes

President Kevin Walkom            
Vice President Wes Maas             
Junior Vice President Shane Madden             
Secretary Ted Holland             
Assistant Secretary Paul Smith             
Senior Treasurer Nick Sykes,            
Junior Treasurer Tim Nicholls

President Kevin Walkom             
Junior Vice President Shane Madden            
Secretary Paul Smith            
Assistant Secretary Ted Holland             
Senior Treasurer John Cook             
Junior Treasurer Justin Yeo

Board Chairman Kevin Walkom            
Vice Chair Marty Nelson            
Board Members Wes Maas, Josh Large, Damien Porter, Brian Croghan, Nick Sykes, Andrew Butcherine, Barry Hildebrandt, Shane Madden, Tom Larkin, Paul Smith.
Treasurer Nick Sykes 
Secretary Tess Marlin
Minute Secretary Isabel Karydis

Board Chairman Kevin Walkom,
Vice Chair Marty Nelson,
Board Members Wes Maas, Josh Large, Damien Porter, Brian Croghan, Nick Sykes, Andrew Butcherine, Barry Hildebrandt, Shane Madden, Tom Larkin, Paul Smith.
Treasurer Nick Sykes  

Secretary Tess Marlin
Minute Secretary Isabel Karydis


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